FlipNJay Records

Checkmate & Vago - The Council 7-Inch


“The Council” feat. JD Era b/w “Brazy” and “Wild Kingdom” feat. Concise & DJ Grouch

“Runnin’ Wild, Smokin’ Cess, Drinkin’ Beer!” Following up the label’s So Loki & bbno$ release, FlipNJay Records are releasing their second 7 inch of new music featuring three standout records off of Checkmate & Vago’s Hustle Game 101 LP! 

One of the most soulful yet hardest records to come out of 2020, Hustle Game 101 is entirely produced by long-standing collaborator Vago and is arguable Checkmate’s finest work to date. Side A sees Checkmate and JD Era rap over Vago’s thick funk grooves on the hustler anthem “The Council”. Side B includes HG101’s equally as funky lead single “Brazy”, plus the 7 inch edit of “Wild Kingdom” featuring Checkmate and Concise alongside Toronto’s DJ Grouch each gun slinging 8 rounds of the hardest bars you’ll hear anywhere.

Not only did Checkmate appear on the first record that FlipNJay Records put out with his legendary guest verse on the Rascalz “Northern Touch” (FNJ-001), but he followed it up a few records later releasing “R.A.W.” with Royce the 5’9, Concise and DJ Revolution on the cut (FNJ-005). FNJ-014 is the latest Checkmate release on FlipNJay Records. “The Council” b/w “Brazy” and “Wild Kingdom” all on one (little) record makes this pound for pound one of the best releases in the FNJ catalogue.