Chris And Cosey - Trance LP (Gold Vinyl)


Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti's (Throbbing Gristle) seminal 1982 album Trance is often cited by electronic musicians as being highly influential in contemporary electronic music. Primarily an instrumental affair, Trance covers everything from minimal electro and polyrhythmic sequences to rhythm heavy industrial dance tracks. This 2019 colored vinyl LPrepress includes a 12" B/W double-sided insert of archive photos, clippings and texts.

"No one else currently turning out commercial music has anywhere near Chris and Cosey's intuitive grasp of the stimulating possibilities of electronic rhythm. Trance is just what it claims to be: a mesmerising chance to reassess the suggestive potential of sound, which in turn, attempts to intoxicate the listener into a reinvestigation of surrounding environments." - Steve Sutherland (Melody Maker, 1982)

"High-tech sequencer dazzles mix with heavy stews of sound, teasing atmospheric pieces with abrasive disco forgeries." - John Gill (Time Out, 1982)