Beat Street Records

Chris Crack - Let Her Hold It While You Pee (30 Hours in Mexico City) LP

Chong Wizard

Friends Was The White Living Single 2:24
No More Burritos In New York 2:25
Kate Bush On Acid 2:09
Failure Just Feedback 0:53
Secrets To The Simulation 1:52
Being Yourself Is The Best Scam 1:44
Sundays Are For Shrooms 2:18
Discomfort Is Necessary 2:45
You're Scaring The Hoes Bro 1:55
Tequila On A School Night 1:55
Unwritten Rules Made Life Corny 1:22
All Water Don't Taste The Same 1:14
Word Of Mouth Is Free Promo 2:26
Cereal Tastes Better At Night 2:30