FlipNJay Records

Concrete Mob - Boiling Point 7-Inch

FNJ-016 - 

1996, The Esplanade. Right in the heart of downtown Toronto is where Concrete Mob was formed. MCs Deuce Deuce, Blackjack (Static) and DJ/producer SCAM lived literal steps from each other. The two MCs would frequent SCAM’s apartment daily to check what he was cooking up on the SP.

SCAM started with the bassline and drums and then found the last part of the “Boiling Point” beat a couple weeks later: the piano. He usually kept his front door open so Deuce & Blackjack walked in and heard the beat playing and all three knew right away that it was something special.

They laid their 2 verses back to back, no chorus. The opening horn sample was the perfect prelude into the stab, into the piano drop, and then Deuce’s iconic opening line:

“Incarceration, illegit occupation, police station is what a n—a facin’”

And the rest is history! A landmark track in Canadian underground rap music, FlipNJay Records are very proud to present this classic on 7” vinyl, in collaboration with Groove-A-Lot Records.