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Grateful Dead - Anthem Of The Sun LP (180g 50th Anniversary Remaster)


 Originally released in 1968, the aspiring Anthem of the Sun is the second album from The Grateful Dead and it finds the band refining the dynamics of their live set in the confines of the studio while simultaneously challenging the conventions of the LP medium. The addition of lyricist Robert Hunter and percussionist Mickey Hart helps take the Dead's brand of improvisational psychedelia to new heights here and displays that they could be as equally transcendent in the studio.

The Grateful Dead Anthem Of The Sun Track Listing:

1.   That's If For the Other One
I..  Cryptical Envelopment
II.  Quadibet for Tenderfeet
III. The Faster We Go, The Rounder We Get
IV.  We Leave the Castle
2.   New Potato Caboose
3.   Born Cross-Eyed
4.   Alligator
5.   Caution (Do Not Stop on Tracks)