Coversall Dripstick 861DS


The Dripstick 861DS is more than just a squeeze marker. Due to its rear tank cap, the dripstick can be easily refilled and reused! Thanks to the large body, it has more filling quantity than its little brother. In combination with the highly-opaque CoversAll™ ink, this squeeze marker is an absolute must-have. Whether larger areas on canvas or single drips: who doesn’t have it, is missing something!

CoversAll™ Dripstick with the following features:

  • alcohol-based

  • special ink with synthetic bitumen

  • glossy

  • highly opaque

  • permanent

  • quick-drying

  • plastic paint application

  • for nearly all smooth surfaces

  • for indoor and outdoor use

  • color shade: COVERSALL™ signal black

  • squeeze bottle
  • unscrewable tank cap
  • 10 mm and 25 mm Highflow applicator
  • refillable
  • exchangeable applicators
  • mixable
  • Made in Germany
  • filling quantity:  100 ml