Doom - Born Like This 2LP


Due to popular demand, Lex Records is reissuing DOOM's 2009 classic Born Like This back on vinyl. DOOM's most recent solo album following 2004's Mm..Food, Born Like This features such guest artists as Ghostface, Raekwon, Bumpy Knuckles and Charles Bukowski and beats from J Dilla, Jake One, Madlib and the supervillain himself. The limited edition vinyl repress is a deluxe double LP with embossed/debossed, spot-glossed, foil-blocked sleeve.

"DOOM still has the sickest vocabulary, broadest frame of reference, and densest, most quotable rhymes in hip-hop...he has created an album of sublimely half-assed super-genius." - Onion AV Club

"Whatever caused DOOM to scale back his output and go off the grid, he's only come back from it sharper, stronger, and more powerful than before." - Pitchfork