Drake - If You're Reading This You're Too Late 2LP


Grammy Award-winning multiplatinum artist Drake issued the surprise album/mixtape If You're Reading This It's Too Late in February 2015. The release debuted at No. 1 on the US Billboard 200 and features 17 tracks including "Legend," "Madonna" and "Used To" plus collaborations with Lil Wayne, Travis Scott and PartyNextDoor. If You're Reading This It's Too Late was nominated for Album of the Year at the 2016 Juno Awards.

"With each new major full-length, Drake has pushed through major leaps in maturity and technical skill and shifts in his artistic sensibility...If Nothing Was the Same was a glimpse at an artist just starting to realize the weight of the crown on his head, If You're Reading This It's Too Late captures a monarch compromised by the demands of his kingdom: the pressure to stay relevant, the hordes of fake friends and snakes aiming daggers at his back, the struggle to find anyone true to share in your success.


  1. Legend
  2. Energy
  3. 10 Bands
  4. Know Yourself
  5. No Tellin'
  6. Madonna
  7. 6 God
  8. Star67
  9. Preach
  10. Wednesday Night Interlude


  1. Used To
  2. 6 Man
  3. Now & Forever
  4. Company
  5. You & The 6
  6. Jungle
  7. 6PM In New York - Bonus Track
  8. How Bout Now
  9. My Side