Eccentric Soul: The Tammy Label LP


Lost in the soot and fallout from Youngstown, Ohio's infamous Black Monday steel industry collapse was Tony March's cross-generational Tammy label. From it's early days as a doo wop powerhouse to their last gasps chasing disco hits, Tammy unintentionally documented Youngstown's small but prolific Black music scene. This single LP surveys the label's best R&B, soul, funk, and disco, with 13 tracks from Ice Cold Love, Lynn Minor, J.C. & the Soul Angels, The Snapshots, Iron Knowledge, Roy Jefferson, and Steel City Band. Housed in a deluxe tip-on jacket, with a booklet crammed full of notes and ephemera, The Tammy Label continues Numero's 20 year tradition of preserving regional Ohio music.

1. Sheer Magic
2. I Finally Found True Love
3. True Love Is Hard to Find
4. Wonderful to Be Loved
5. Oh Love
6. Should I Believe in You
7. Angel's Theme
8. Nightmare Strut
9. Dance Party
10. Shakin' It Down (Part 1)
11. Give Me a Little Taste (Of Your Love) [Part 2]
12. He's Got to Go (Part 1)
13. Hesitate One Time for Me