Funko Pop! Albums Deluxe: TLC - Oooh on the TLC Tip Vinyl Figures


Hip hop group, TLC, is here to take the stage in your music collection! Jam out with Pop! T-Boz, Pop! Chilli, and Pop! Left Eye. This Deluxe Pop! Album features the three band members as Pop! figures and the album cover art of Oooooooohhh... On the TLC Tip. Packaged in a protective hard case, this Deluxe Pop! Album can be hung on a wall or placed on a shelf next to your music collection.


Vinyl figures are approximately 3.9 to 4.3-inches tall. Pop! figures are adhered to the base and backdrop to ensure display integrity.


Approximate dimensions of the protective case: 23.5”W x 12.25”H x 3.75”D.


Please note: Pop! Deluxe Album does not include a playable vinyl record.