Ghost - Snapshot EP


The overload of the 80s, a new digital utopia of media, sports, video games, film, music and shopping…the ultimate fantasy environment for anyone seeking enjoyment, convenience, distraction or stimulation, and for those ultimately watering the seeds of success or hedonism.

Electro bass, iconic synths and digital-funk rhythms were at the core of almost every medium, providing a bedding and soundtrack to everyday life via movie scenes, basketball highlights, freeze frames, video game themes, drum machine tv-promo jingles, etc.

As opposed to finding a reel-to-reel of lost themes from a canned summer blockbuster in the back of a studio, Ghost instead funneled his favorite onslaught of 80s cinematic-funk into the creation of “Snapshot”, the debut EP from this Parisian-bred and Los Angeles-based producer and Spectrum Records founder.