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Houston Rap Tapes Book


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Houston Rap Tapes is the companion book to Houston Rap, by Peter Beste and Lance Scott Walker, an immersion in and documentation of the Houston Hip Hop community in neighborhoods such as Fifth Ward, Third Ward, and South Park.

Houston Rap Tapes features in-depth oral histories conducted by Walker, with exclusive interviews with producers and MCs such as Bun B., Willie D., Paul Wall, Z-Ro, Big Mike, DJ DMD, K-Rino, Salih Williams, and Lil’ Troy, accompanied by a selection of Beste’s black and white photography.

There are also creation myths told by old school masters like MC Wickett Crickett, and Rick Royal, as well as the life stories of an assortment of radio and club personalities, impresarios, ex-pimps, former drug dealers, and members of the community.