Insurgence DC - Poison Profits / Dishonor 7-Inch

"Insurgence DC is a punk band whose members are from Washington DC and Raleigh NC. They originally formed in 1987 and played over 400 shows until they went on hiatus in 2000. The band changed their name to Insurgence Da Capo last year after returning. They added the word Da Capo because it signifies a ""new beginning"" for Insurgence. Since returning from hiatus the band is comprised of the original members of the band from their highly acclaimed Ripe For The Trade Off album from 1995.

Their RSD 2014 7" release True To Life/Men In Black was Crooked Beat Records (DC Record Store) number one seller for 2014. It also was picked up by several distributors and sold out in hundreds of stores around the US last year.

For RSD 2015, Insurgence DC return with another 7". The songs Poison Profits and Dishonor both challenge and question the decisions made by the powers that be. Poison Profits tackle the ever corrupt and unaccountable food industry in the US, and demand the FDA set aside lobbyist pressures and become truthful about the toxic ingredients that are putting in most foods. Dishonor is a heartfelt plea that calls for term limits with all members of congress and the Senate.

This 7" will have mixes that will be exclusive for this RSD release only. Their full length LP that will be recorded and mixed with David Barbe in Athens Ga will be released later this year.