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Interpol - Antics LP (White Vinyl)


After a two-year delay, the hotly anticipated follow-up to Interpol’s mega-successful debut infused their dark musical landscapes with new optimism. No less brooding and intense, but charged with flashes of color and romance, 2004's Antics travels from the gorgeous major chords of the opener, “Next Exit” through a new assortment of characters named Rosemary, Rod Laver and Red Temptress, “Slow Hands” cavorting in seamy alleys and sweat-stained beds. A magnificent second step from one of the most significant bands of the new millennium!

1.  No Exit          
2.  Evil
3.  Narc
4.  Take You On a Cruise
5.  Slow Hands
6.  Not Even Jail
7.  Public Pervert
8.  C'mere
9.  Length Of Love
10. A Time to Be So Small


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