Beat Street Records

Invincible & Wajeed - Detroit Summer 7-Inch


 These are limited to 1,000 pressed. Each 7" comes in a custom hand screenprinted sleeve and includes a free digital download of the two-song single.  Detroit Summer/Emergence is the most profound collaboration yet between Invincible + Waajeed and is sure to whet the appetite of listeners awaiting Invincible and Waajeed’s full-length album. The title track is a sequel to the earlier Invincible + Waajeed collaboration, "Detroit Winter," off the renowned Platinum Pied Pipers Triple P album. The single’s B-side “Emergence,” shares the same name as Invincible’s media company, which released the single. “Emergence” is technically the record’s B-side, but it doesn’t play second fiddle to anything. As always, Invincible’s lyrics on both songs are vivid, hard hitting, and invoke images of the future as poignant as an Octavia Butler novel. Waajeed, who was born and raised in Detroit, uses his experience to provide the perfect sonic texture to both tracks painting an audio portrait of The D.