Beat Street Records

Iron Maiden - Number Of The Beast Over Hammersmith 3LP


Reissue featuring an alternate tracklist of the original album, omitting Gangland for Total Eclipse. Compilation with the first ever vinyl release of Beast over Hammersmith.

A1 Invaders 3:23
A2 Children Of The Damned 4:35
A3 The Prisoner 6:02
A4 22. Acacia Avenue 6:36
B1 The Number Of The Beast 4:49
B2 Run To The Hills 3:53
B3 Total Eclipse 4:29
B4 Hallowed Be Thy Name 7:11
C1 Murders In The Rue Morgue 4:32
C2 Wrathchild 3:26
C3 Run To The Hills 4:23
C4 Children Of The Damned 4:34
C5 The Number Of The Beast 5:00
D1 Another Life 3:43
D2 Killers 5:40
D3 22 Acacia Avenue 6:55
D4 Total Eclipse 4:00
D5 Transylvania 5:48
E1 The Prisoner 5:48
E2 Hallowed Be Thy Name 7:34
E3 Phantom Of The Opera 7:06
E4 Iron Maiden 4:03
F1 Sanctuary 4:13
F2 Drifter 9:21
F3 Running Free 3:47
F4 Prowler 4:45