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Kardinal Offishall - Bakardi Slang / Ol' Time Killin' 7-Inch

FlipNJay Records

FlipNJay Records continue to lay down Canadian Hip-Hop foundation records, brick by brick with each release with FNJ-004. BaKardi Slang is more than an anthem. It’s a literal instructional manual outlining the T-Dot vibe, capturing the energy and the slang of the city at the turn of the century. Kardi runs down the difference between New York and Toronto talk over a beat from Solitair that ignited the fire to write the track! The B-side is just as iconic, from the legendary Little X video to the Grassroots produced beat from Mr. Attic, which was originally only a 20 second “skit” on a beat tape, “Ol’ Time Killin’” is THE posse cut from that era.

Double sided banger! Two certified Canadian classics.

EXCLUSIVELY from Beatstreet Records