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Korn - Untitled: Deluxe 2LP (Limited Edition Glow-In-The-Dark Cover)


Limited edition deluxe 2LP Black Vinyl packaged in a Glow-In-The-Dark gatefold jacket featuring two bonus tracks: “Sing Sorrow” and “Overture Or Obituary”. Originally released in 2007, Untitled was the band’s eighth studio album, featuring songs such as “Evolution,” “Hold On,” and “Kiss.”


1. Intro
2. Starting Over
3. Bitch We Got a Problem
4. Evolution
5. Hold On
6. Kiss
7. Do What They Say
8. Ever Be


1. Love and Luxury
2. Innocent Bystander
3. Killing
4. Hushabye
5. I Will Protect You
6. Sing Sorrow
7. Overture or Obituary