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Leonard Cohen - Songs Of Love And Hate LP


By the time Leonard Cohen began his recording career in 1967, the iconoclastic Canadian troubadour was already well established as a poet and author. He quickly emerged as one of the era's most original and influential singer/songwriters, building a large and legendary body of work that continues to inspire artists and listeners alike.

Much of Cohen's reputation and mystique was established by his early work for Columbia Records, particularly the five albums he recorded between 1967 and 1974. Now, these five classic releases, unavailabe on vinyl for two decades, have been lovingly restored to their original LP format. 

With 1971's Songs of Love and Hate, Cohen delivered one of his most emotionally intense sets, with such memorable numbers as "Avalanche," "Famous Blue Raincoat" and "Joan of Arc," ranking among his greatest compositions.

 Track Listing:

1.  Avalanche
2.  Last Year's Man
3.  Dress Rehearsal Rag
4.  Diamonds in the Mine
5.  Love Calls You By Your Name
6.  Famous Blue Raincoat
7.  Sing Another Song, Boys
8.  Joan of Arc


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