Love Touch

Love Touch Family - I Got Your Back feat. Saucy Lady 7-Inch


Boston-based singer, songwriter, and DJ, Saucy Lady graces the first release from "Love Touch Family": A new concept which features our extended family of established artists affiliated with other respected labels around the globe.

Noe Carmichael aka Saucy Lady is a mainstay in the modern disco and boogie scene with over 60 singles released on labels such as Star Creature Universal Vibrations, Midnight Riot and Soul Clap Records.

It's fitting that she is first up to bat in the Love Touch Family 7" series as the label continues to showcase female artists. This release however, marks the first non-Canadian vocalist in our discography!

"I Got Your Back" (produced by Gil Masuda) is an electro-boogie encounter that will rock the solar system. On the flipside, the U-Key Re-Touch (produced by Yuki "U-Key" Kanesaka aka Monolog) is a hella funky remix that'll give you that "stank face" for days! But ultimately, it's Noe's powerful vocals and touching lyrics that make this record a Love Touch must-have.

Track List

  1. I Got Your Back feat. Saucy Lady
  2. I Got Your Back feat. Saucy Lady (U-Key Re-Touch)