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Marvin Gaye - Trouble Man LP


Marvin Gaye Trouble Man: Motion Picture Soundtrack on LP  

Marvin Gaye was already a hit artist for a decade when, in 1971, he reached new heights with his landmark album What’s Going On. His next move? A mostly instrumental, orchestral jazz-soul soundtrack for the forgotten Ivan Dixon 1972 blaxploitation film Trouble Man. The album, though a surprise to followers, was a hit, producing a top 10 pop title track and legions of new fans, including musicians who started the acid-jazz movement in its wake.

"There were a couple other movies that had the R&B music of the time in it, but it wasn't like the way Marvin did it. What Marvin actually did in the album - it's both the source music and the score music all mixed in one...And on the album itself, it's - I say like opera because it sort of describes the film." - album saxophonist Trevor Lawrence, NPR

 Track Listing:  

1.  Main Theme from Trouble Man Part 2
2.  'T' Plays It Cool 
3.  Poor Abbey Walsh 
4.  The Break In (Police Shoot Big) 
5.  Cleo's Apartment 
6.  Trouble Man 
7.  Theme from Trouble Man 
8.  'T' Stands for Trouble 
9.  Main Theme from Trouble Man Part 1
10. Life Is a Gamble 
11. Deep-In-It 
12. Don't Mess With Mister 'T' 
13. There Goes Mister 'T'