Pony Canyon

Masa Matsuda, Yuji Ohno - Silent Dialogue LP


A new development of the Electone created by Masa Matsuda and Yuji Ohno!1979 work. An album co-produced/arranged and played on keyboards by up-and-coming Masa Matsuda, who won the Electone Grand Prix, and Yuji Ohno, who took the world by storm with 'Lupin the Third's Theme' and film and television composition and arrangement. Top musicians such as Shin Kazuhara, Shigeharu Mukai, Jake Conception, Masami Nakagawa, Kenji Takamizu, and Akira Okazawa participated. 'MIDSPACE ACTION' is cool with electones that rush in after a tight rhythm-choice and scaled-out horn arrangement, and 'COOKIE DANCE', in which electones and brass intertwine following galloping percussion, is a gem of an arrangement. A masterpiece that Matsuda stepped into a new world wrapped in!