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Massive Attack - No Protection LP


1995's No Protection came to be after Massive Attack reached out to UK dub legend Mad Professor to see if he would remix one of their tracks for a single. Loving the results, the trio then asked Mad Professor to remix their entire 1994 album Protection. The atmospheric outcome is No Protection, a textured track by track dub remix where most of the vocals are removed and the original album is heavily edited. Here the emphasis is solely on the beat and reverb, making for a hypnotic take on their cornerstone second effort.

  1. Radiation Ruling The Nation (Protection)
  2. Bumper Ball Dub (Karmacoma
  3. Trinity Dub (Three)
  4. Cool Monsoon (Weather Storm)
  5. Eternal Feedback (Sly)
  6. Moving Dub (Better Things)
  7. I Spy (Spying Glass)
  8. Backward Sucking (Heat Miser)


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