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Masta Ace - Sittin On Chrome 2LP

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 With an impressive resume in rap that includes membership in the legendary Juice Crew (along with Marley Marl, MC Shan, Big Daddy Kane, Biz Markie, Roxanne Shante, and Craig G) and a verse on the 1988 classic posse cut "The Symphony," Brooklyn's Masta Ace is truly a rap veteran and underground luminary.

Official reissue of "Sittin' On Chrome", the third album the Brooklyn native MASTA ASE (yes, it's A-S-E). The record is a strong follow up to the classic albums "Take a Look Around" and the very popular "Slaughtahouse".

Masta Ace Incorporated's line up is Ase, Lord Digga, Paula Perry, and Leschea with production from The Bluez Brothers, Louis Vega, Uneek, and Ase himself. This album is special and ahead of it's time because of it's new style that combines west coast funk, down south bass, and New York hardcore drums and rhymes. If the "I.N.C Ride" passed by you the first time, here's your chance to hop on...