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Michel F. April - Dead By Daylight (Official Video Game Soundtrack), Volume 3 LP

RSD Canada Exclusive variant on transparent blue vinyl with alternate purple cover art. Limited to 500 copies.
A1 Dead By Daylight Mobile Teaser 0:53
A2 Chains Of Hate 0:52
A3 Shattered Bloodline 0:48
A4 Jonah And Portrait Of Murder 1:51
A5 Hot Spot 1 0:40
A6 Descend Beyond And The Blight 1:51
A7 The Observer 2:07
A8 Demise Of The Faithful 0:42
A9 Living Dirt 1:08
A10 Winter Event 1:18
A11 Rockabilly Collection 1:46
B1 Crescendo 0:53
B2 All Kill 1:01
B3 The Trickster 1:14
B4 Charlotte And A Binding Of Kin 1:54
B5 Darkness Among Us 0:50
B6 David King 1:17
B7 Off The Beaten Track 0:35
B8 Bad Bunny 1:08
B9 Hot Spot 2 0:38
B10 Cursed Legacy 0:49
B11 Roots Of Dread 1:05
B12 Red Clues/Play The Game/On 8 Bit 2:38