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Miki Matsubara - Cupid LP (Pink Vinyl)

Pony Canyon

Reprint of Miki Matsubara's 3rd album in color (clear pink)!Includes 'Neat Gogo 3ji', which was a big hit in Shiseido's commercial, and 'Souvenir' composed by Motoharu Sano.Masaaki Omura, a genius musician who passed away prematurely, was responsible for arranging all the songs.Motown's funk fusion band Dr. Strut will be on the A side, and on the B side, top Japanese musicians such as Shuichi Murakami Ponta and Tsuyoshi Kon will be participating.Miki Matsubara's 3rd album. Reprinted on the first color (clear pink) board.Track ListSide A1. 10 CARAT LOVE2. ONE WAY STREET3. BLUE BALLPOINT PEN4. WATASHIWA MODORENAI5. OASISSide B6. -Cupid-7. NIITONA GOGOSANJI8. SOUVENIR9. ONE SUMMER NIGHT10. DREAM IN THE SCREEN