Minor Threat - Out of Step LP


Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson formed Minor Threat in 1980 with Lyle Preslar and Brian Baker. The band released two 7"s in 1981 that quickly established the group and Dischord as major forces in the new American hardcore scene. In the fall of ‘82 Steve Hansgen joined to play bass while Brian moved to second guitar. Minor Threat recorded Out Of Step and toured extensively as a five piece until June of '83 when Hansgen left the band. Minor Threat continued for several months as a four piece before calling it quits later that year. Out of Step was originally released after the band broke up in 1984. This edition of Out Of Step is re-issued with updated graphics (from the original artwork) and has been re-cut, upgraded to 45RPM and includes an accompanying download coupon.

1. Betray
2. It Follows
3. Think Again
4. Look Back & Laugh
5. Sob Story
6. No Reason
7. Little Friend
8. Out of Step
9. Cashing In