Chong Wizard

Napolean Da Legend - The Stuff Of Legend CD


Having dropped projects nonstop for the last couple of years, it should come as no surprise that Napoleon Da Legend has already dropped four releases this year (“Afrostreet 2,” “Chikara,” “Charles de Gaulle,” and “Street Universe”). These albums cover a wide range of sounds and flavors, from Afrobeat to French raps to straight up Boom Bap. However, he may have saved the best for last because “The Stuff of Legend” is a concept album that finds Po at the pinnacle of his lyrical prowess. The songs here are named after mythical beasts from a variety of cultures, but the content is not what you might expect. The way NDL flips the ideas is what makes this offering special.

The album is fully produced by Ro Data, who’s last project was BIG TURKS with Rome Streetz, Jamal Gasol, and Lord Juco. He brings a heavy jazz vibe that perfectly compliments Po’s flow. The duo invite a bevy of talented guests to help see their vision through, including Juga-Naut, El Ay, G4JAG, Jamal Gasol, SageInfinite, Noah-O, Chazz, and Chong Wizard.