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NAvi The North - NAvi The North Presents: Beat Barbarian Volume 2 2LP

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Embark on a sonic odyssey with ‘Beat Barbarian 2’, the second electrifying hip-hop compilation by Toronto’s maestro producer, NAvi the North. This double vinyl album seamlessly fuses beats and verses from a diverse array of global talents, creating a magnetic journey through the vibrant tapestry of hip hop. As the rhythms pulse through each track, listeners will be captivated by the collaboration of incredible artists from around the world. The experience doesn’t end with the vinyl; it expands into the digital realm with an included download, while the limited edition tape, curated in a sound bombing style mix by DJ Die Empty, adds an extra layer of exclusivity to this musical masterpiece.

-This collection of songs is the second installment in the Beat Barbarian series from Toronto producer NAvi The North. The double album contains features from an assortment of different, well-known underground rappers, all produced, mixed and mastered by NAvi The North himself. 
-Notable contributors on this album were Ruste Juxx, Thrust OG, Dankery Harv, Whitey Don, Tough Dumplin, Jizzm High Definition, Asun Eastwood, Influence Getem, A-F-R-O, Melly-Mel, Destruct, Lee Ricks, Twist, Hyperbole, D.O.V., Julio G, Sophine, Neb Luv, NGA Fish, Gee Bag, The Strange Neighbour, Unique Hastings, Doug Sure, Ruby Shineon!, Agallah, Copywrite, Gambit Ramsey, Words, Dom2er and Die Empty.


The Heist Pt. 2 (featuring Influence Getem)
Task Force (featuring A-F-R-O + Melly-Mel + Die Empty)
Powder Coat (featuring Asun Eastwood + Dankery Harv)
Blood Runs Cold (featuring Destruct + Dom2er)
Fire Me (featuring Hyperbole)
Hat Trick (featuring Copywrite + Words)
Divided (featuring Lee Ricks)
Keep It Rockin (featuring Twist + Die Empty)
Mimico Handshakes (featuring D.O.V + Gambit Ramsey + Die Empty)
Too Young To Aim (featuring Tough Dumplin + Die Empty)
Cali Grind State Of Mind (featuring Julio G + Sophyne + Jizzm High Definition + Neb Luv + Nga Fsh)
H.W.G.A. (featuring Ruby Shineon!)
Lights Out (featuring Ruste Juxx + Thrust OG + Die Empty)
Nirvana (featuring Gee Bag + The Strange Neighbour + Unique Hastings + Doug Sure)
No Mercy (featuring Agallah + Copywrite)
Teach D' Youth (featuring Whitey Don)