Beat Street Records

Neko Case - Wild Creatures 2LP


A1 I'm An Animal 2:16
A2 Lady Pilot 2:26
A3 Halls Of Sarah 3:50
A4 Man 3:31
A5 Star Witness 5:16
B1 I Wish I Was The Moon 3:33
B2 The Next Time You Say "Forever" 1:44
B3 Favorite 3:16
B4 Hell-On 4:09
B5 Hold On, Hold On 2:46
B6 Polar Nettles 2:24
C1 Wild Creatures 2:39
C2 Furnace Room Lullaby 2:53
C3 A Widow's Toast 1:36
C4 Deep Red Bells 4:03
C5 This Tornado Loves You 3:19
C6 Winnie 3:49
D1 Night Still Comes 3:47
D2 Maybe Sparrow 2:37
D3 Things That Scare Me 2:30
D4 The Tigers Have Spoken 2:41
D5 Set Out Running 3:00
D6 Oh, Shadowless 2:26