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Nirvana -Incesticide 2LP


All great bands have a treasure trove of rarities and early material fans long to hear. The demand for any Nirvana music, new or previously unheard by most ears, was so great in 1992 that the group and its record label issued Incesticide, one of the best odds-and-sods collections ever produced. Consisting of demos, outtakes, and radio broadcast recordings made from 1988 to 1991, Incesticide functions as a point-on-accurate cross-section of Nirvana's sound. 

While not heavily promoted, the record's paramount success is a testament to its enduring appeal, as it climbed to No. 39 on the Billboard 200 and sold 500,000 copies in only a couple of months. Moreover, the 15-song set functions as a window into the trio's influences and core sound, and is anchored by several songs that originally comprised the sought-after Japanese-only EP

Nirvana's early singles ("Dive") and B-sides ("Stain"), scintillating covers (the Vaselines' "Molly's Lips" and "Son of a Gun"), and formative original material ("Mexican Seafood," "Hairspray Queen"), Incesticide runs the gamut from sing-a-long pop to noisy sludge, and covers all the bases in between!

• 25th anniversary 180g 2LP-set cut at 45rpm
• Recompiled and remastered from the original analog master tape and recording sources by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering Studios
• Deluxe gatefold sleeve

  1. Dive

  2. Sliver

  3. Stain

  4. Been a Son

  5. Turnaround

  6. Molly's Lips

  7. Son of a Gun

  8. (New Wave) Polly

  9. Beeswax

  10. Downer

  11. Mexican Seafood

  12. Hairspray Queen

  13. Aero Zeppelin

  14. Big Long Now

  15. Aneurysm


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