Beat Street Records

Performance: Original Motion Picture Sound Track LP


Rhino Rocktober 2021 Release

Yellow Vinyl

–Randy Newman Gone Dead Train 2:55
–Merry Clayton & Bernard Krause* Performance 1:47
–Ry Cooder Get Away 2:05
–Ry Cooder Powis Square 2:23
–Bernard Krause* Rolls Royce And Acid 1:47
–Buffy Sainte-Marie Dyed, Dead, Red 2:32
–Jack Nitzsche Harry Flowers 4:00
–Mick Jagger Memo From Turner 4:02
–Ry Cooder & Buffy Sainte-Marie The Hashishin 3:35
–The Last Poets Wake Up, Niggers 2:43
–Bernard Krause* & Merry Clayton Poor White Hound Dog 2:45
–Bernard Krause* Natural Magic 1:37
–Bernard Krause* & The Merry Clayton Singers Turner's Murder 4:15