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Pharrell - In My Mind 2LP


After producing his share of hits and featuring on several songs by other artists, musical polymath Pharrell Williams released his Grammy-nominated debut solo effort In My Mind in 2006. The album does a good job of highlighting Pharrell's diversity with a relatively equal mix of rap and R&B numbers and finds many of his former collaborators returning the favor such as Jay-Z, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Gwen Stefani, Nelly, Slim Thug and Pusha T. "Going back and relistening to In My Mind, I was struck by how fresh it it could have come out only last Friday and fit in perfectly alongside the year's most potent and colorful hip-hop hits" writes Uproxx's Aaron Williams.


  1. Can I Have It Like That
  2. How Does It Feel?
  3. Raspy Shit
  4. Best Friend
  5. You Can Do It To
  6. Keep It Playa
  7. That Girl
  8. Angel


  1. Young Girl / I Really Like You
  2. Take It Off (Dim The Lights)
  3. Stay With Me
  4. Baby
  5. Our Father
  6. Number One
  7. Show You How To Hustle


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