Lugnut Brand

Princes of Nigeria - Alan Pozzer 7-Inch


Lugnut Brand Records is proud to deliver this heavy Afrobeat slab of funk out of Finland’s Princes Of Nigeria. It doesn’t get much heavier than this two sided banger! Out of the gate with “Alan Pozzer,” this one isn’t to be taken lightly. Take note: With nine 45s and three LPs in the Lugnut Brand Records catalog, this tenth 45 is the very first to feature vocals. And, they do not disappoint. Scratchy guitars, throbbing bass, tight drums, and horn stabs. This track is no poser. The B Side heads back to LBR’s instrumental approach with “Mugu Chase”. This one could be straight out of an early 70’s Cop television show. Down the gritty streets, over a chainlink fence, nearly struck by a Cadillac. Just don’t get caught!