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Ratt - Now Playing LP


RATT / NOW PLAYING / Part of Rhino's "Now Playing" Series! - The songs of Ratt are like a rollercoaster - three-minute thrill rides with loud, twisty guitars, hands in the air, and lots of screaming. The L.A.-based glam rockers' first indie release in 1983 sparked a major-label deal, then mid-decade dominance - and decadence. It's all captured here in ten original recordings that'll keep you going "round and round" and coming "back for more." Ten Headbanging Classics on Vinyl LP!

1. Round and Round
2. Wanted Man
3. Lack of Communication
4. Back for More
5. Lay It Down
6. You're in Love
7. Slip of the Lip
8. Way Cool JR
9. I Want a Woman
10. Givin' Yourself Awaya