RCA Discwasher - Vinyl Cleaning Kit


D4+ fluid is designed to lift contaminants from the record surface - with use of a soft and non-abrasive and unidirectional fibers of the D4+ pad. Together, the D4+ cleaning solution and pad eliminate airborne contaminants, particulate matter, and oily fingerprint smudges that work their way into the record grooves. The contaminants can compromise the audio and shorten a records effective playing life . This solution cleans and protects without deposit or residue or extracting crucial vinyl stabilizers. Regular use of the D4+ solution and Vinyl Cleaning System is highly recommended and can help keep your records sounding their very best for many more years of listening enjoyment. 

Keep your vinyl records free from dust, dirt and fingerprints with this all-in-one vinyl record care system.

  • 1.25 fl oz. cleaning solution
  • Cleaning pad
  • Removes dust, dirt and fingerprints
    From your vinyl records so you can enjoy improved sound.
  • Cleaning pad and 1.25 fl oz. solution
    Along with dust brush quickly free your records from debris.