Rush - 2112 LP (180g Audiophile Vinyl)


Rush's fourth album, 2112, originally issued in 1976, proved a breakthrough, highlighted by its seven-part title suite written by Lee and Lifeson, with lyrics by Peart, recounting a dystopian story set in the year 2112. It comes in at #2 on Rolling Stone’s list of “Your Favorite Prog Rock Albums of All Time” and most Rush fans consider it the band’s definitive recording. 2112 has sold in excess of 3 million copies in the U.S. alone and is certified triple-platinum.
Track Listing:
1.  Overture
2.  The Temples Of Syrinx
3.  Discovery
4.  Presentation
5.  Oracle: The Dream
6.  Soliloquy
7.  Grand Finale
8.  A Passage To Bangkok
9.  The Twilight Zone
10. Lessons
11. Tears
12. Something For Nothing