Side F-X - This Is A Journey Cassette


Original sealed deadstock cassette.


A1 This One's For You (D.J.'S) 1:29
A2 This Is A Journey (Progressive Rap) 2:53
A3 A Swift Kut 2:09
A4 A Fraction Of Funk (Intermission) 1:38
A5 Rhyme Animal (Remix) 3:30
A6 Move Your Body 4:00
A7 What Makes Me Want To Shout 3:54
A8 Soon As The Beat Is Felt 3:17
A9 Can I Get A Witness (Intermission) 1:41
B1 Time 4:16
B2 Stick Up Kid 4:07
B3 Rock The House (Video Mix) 3:09
B4 I Can't Sleep 3:35
B5 Give Me An Answer 1:55
B6 Take It To The Bridge 3:34
B7 Our Crew Gets Busy 3:58