Beat Street Records

Stranglers - Feline 2LP (40th Anniversary Deluxe Version)


A1 Midnight Summer Dream
A2 It's A Small World
A3 Ships That Pass In The Night
A4 The European Female
B1 Let's Tango In Paris
B2 Paradise
B3 All Roads Lead To Rome
B4 Blue Sister
B5 Never Say Goodbye
Bonus LP
C1 European Female (Radio Edit)
C2 Midnight Summer Dream (Special Single Mix)
C3 Paradise (Radio Edit)
C4 Pãwshēr
C5 Permission
D1 Midnight Summer Dream (Special 12" Mix)
D2 Savage Breast
D3 (The Strange Circumstances Which Lead To) Vladimir & Olga (Requesting Rehabilitation In A Siberian Health Resort As A Result Of Stress In Furthering The People's Policies)
D4 Aural Sculpture Manifesto