Temple Of The Dog - Temple Of The Dog 2LP (180g Audiophile Vinyl, Etched D-Side)

1.  Say Hello 2 Heaven       
2.  Reach Down     
3.  Hunger Strike                  
4.  Pushin Forward Back    
5.  Call Me A Dog  
6.  Times Of Trouble
1.  Wooden Jesus                                
2.  Your Saviour     
3.  Four Walled World        
4.  All Night Thing
Temple Of The Dog was essentially a side project of Soundgarden's Chris Cornell & Matt Cameron, Mother Love Bone's Stone Gossard & Jeff Ament and Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. Without pressure from a record label, the collaboration resulted in a beautiful album dedicated to the memory of Mother Love Bone singer Andrew Wood.

Official vinyl releases of Temple Of The Dog have been in short supply. To celebrate its official reissue we're giving it a 2LP treatment for best audio, with an etch on the D-side.