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The Catherine Wheel - Ferment LP


The Catherine Wheel's rich and wrenching 1992 debut Ferment is finally back on vinyl just in time for its 25th anniversary. Produced by Talk Talk's Tim Friese-Greene and anchored by the twin epics "Black Metallic" and "Salt," Ferment is equally as melodic as the Stone Roses and as distortion drenched as Sonic Youth making it easily align with the early-90s shoegaze boom although the band would denounce the tag. Pitchfork ranked the album at #23 in their list of 'The 50 Best Shoegaze Albums of All Time,' writing that "a good half of the songs on Ferment...are enduring shoegaze-disco classics, while 'Black Metallic,' in its full seven-minute glory, makes a strong claim to being the genre's 'Stairway to Heaven'."

  1. Texture
  2. I Want To Touch You
  3. Black Metallic
  4. Indigo Is Blue
  5. She's My Friend
  6. Shallow
  7. Ferment
  8. Flower To Hide
  9. Tumbledown
  10. Bill And Ben
  11. Salt