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The Field - Official (The 1996-1997 Sessions) LP

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The Field (later on known as the Killin' Field) were a duo out of Roxbury, Boston (also the home of Ed O.G.). They started out in the early 90's but didn't release their first release until 1996, the tape-only "Official Heavyweights" EP. In 1997 they dropped another tape-only release with "Big East Vol. 1" which is pretty impossible to find these days. Out now on LP for the first time ever are those 1996-1997 sessions, limited to only 250 copies and fully remastered by Jee Van Cleef.

-Limited to only 250 copies.


Rendezvous (1996)
Other Side Of Town (1996)
Heavyweight (1996)
Ask 4 (1996)
1 Big SSan & Tann (1997)
My Whole Team (1997)
No Doubt (1997)
Heavily Armed (1997)
R.O.X. Land (1997)