The Internet - Hive Mind 2LP


The Internet follow-up their breakthrough Grammy-nominated third album, Ego Death (2015) with Hive Mind. After a lengthy world tour, the band members encouraged each other to explore their identities as solo artists; incredible albums from all 5 members emerged to rapturous response throughout 2017. Feeling the unity of coming back together, however, created the foundation for what became Hive Mind. Syd (vocalist/songwriter), Matt Martians (producer), Steve Lacy (guitarist/vocalist/songwriter), Patrick Paige II (songwriter/bassist), and Christopher Smith (songwriter/drummer) present kaleidoscopic, neo-soul, future sounds here that reveal the growth in their creative chemistry. It's light years beyond their previous output, and even in its slower moments, the LP is both intricate and minimal, giving each member's contributions the space to shine. The result is one of the greatest records in the band's already phenomenal catalog and a standout of 2018.