The Soul Of Spanish Harlem 2LP


A1 Ralfi Pagan– Ain't No Big Thing 2:08
A2 The Terrible Frankie Nieves*– True Love 2:32
A3 Tito Ramos– Heaven (Is Not For Everyone) 2:48
A4 The Harvey Averne Dozen– Central Park 2:29
A5 Monguito Santamaria– Crying Time 2:47
A6 The Lebron Brothers Orchestra– Don't Be Afraid 3:02
B1 Joey Pastrano*– That's How Rumours Start 7:28
B2 107th Street Stickball Team*– On Old Broadway 3:01
B3 Ray Jay & The Eastsiders*– Same Old Sad Song 3:02
B4 125th Street Candy Store– Reflections Of My Life 2:59
C1 Parrish– Your Smile 2:14
C2 Ronnie Marks– Some Lonely Heart 3:34
C3 Olivieri*– There's No Other Girl 3:07
C4 King Nando– Maria, Maria 4:30
C5 Tony Middleton & Bobby Matos– Already Satisfied 2:17
D1 The Lat-Teens– I'll Never Let You Go 2:53
D2 The Nitty Sextette*– Nitty Boo Boo 2:38
D3 Russell Cohen & The New Yorkers*– I'm Gonna Leave You 3:00
D4 Ralphie & The Latin Lovers– Lonely Has Been My Day 3:29
D5 Joe Bataan– Ordinary Guy 2:49