Beat Street Records

The Wild Magnolias - Handa Wanda / Soul Soul Soul 7-Inch

Dynamite Cuts

Dynamite cuts, releases another funk dancer this time from one of the New Orleans funk crew. Big vocals “Handa Wanda” is a true get down roots funk dancer (head down and get lost in the groove - move that body).

On the flip is the Full ticket the super heavy “(somebody got) Soul Soul Soul” this has it all, superb funky vocals including chant! heavy bass groove wah wah guitar. Which when added together give you one of the most outstanding super loops. used by Cold cut in Beatn pieces way way back in the early day of hip hop and DJ tool.


Side A: The Wild Magnolias – Handa Wanda – New Orleans funk vocal vibe
Side B: The Wild Magnolias – “(somebody got) Soul Soul Soul” All time funk dancer and Dj tool!)