Timber Timbre

Timber Timbre - Lovage LP

New album by Taylor Kirk, Toronto, Canada based musician who has happily worked as a producer since the last album (2017). Now with "Lovage" there is new music of his own, which proves that Kirk has not only refined his working methods, but also skilfully combines different influences. Kirk developed "Lovage" in close collaboration with Michael Dubue at the producer's studio in Quyon, Quebec. Working together proved so fruitful that Dubue quickly joined the collective as keyboardist and vocalist, while Adam Bradley Schreiber completed the current line-up on drums and percussion. Together they harmonize the varied sound palette of Brian Wilson with the special melancholy of Leonard Cohen, but also Sun Ra, Dorothy Ashby and Alice Coltrane, as well as Italian singers like Pino Daniele and Paolo Conte, played a major role in it's creation, which might explain the new album's cinematic lightness. "Brian Wilson and Leonard Cohen are among many influences that have come to embody what music is to me," Kirk elaborates. The electronic elements and vintage synths that characterized the previous album also return on "Lovage", albeit with a more subtle touch. The tongue-in-cheek Timber Timbre humor mixed with the snarky, social commentary is particularly evident on album opener "Ask The Community," which the band is already sharing. "I have always been an introverted person, if not a little antisocial," explains Kirk. "And recently it occurred to me that if for some reason you wanted to see a dead body, you can simply ask the community.