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Vince Guaraldi – It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (Original Soundtrack Recording) LP (Orange, Pumpkin Shaped Vinyl)

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A1 Linus & Lucy
A2 Graveyard Theme
A3 Snoopy & The Leaf/Frieda (With The Naturally Curly Hair)
A4 The Great Pumpkin Waltz
A5 Linus & Lucy (Reprise)
A6 Charlie Brown Theme/Charlie Brown Theme/Graveyard Theme (Minor Theme - Reprise)
A7 The Great Pumpkin Waltz (Reprise)
A8 The Red Baron/Military Drum March
A9 The Great Pumpkin Waltz/The Great Pumpkin Waltz (2nd Reprise - 3rd Reprise)
A10 Graveyard Theme (Trick Or Treat) (2nd Reprise)
A11 Fanfare/Breathless/Graveyard Theme (Trick Or Treat) (2nd Reprise - 3rd Reprise)
A12 Charlie Brown Theme (Reprise)
B1 Breathless (2nd Reprise)
B2 It's A Long Way To Tipperary/There's A Long, Long Trail A-Winding/Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag/Roses Of Picardy
B3 Graveyard Theme (Trick Or Treat) (4th Reprise)
B4 Linus & Lucy/Linus & Lucy (2nd Reprise - 3rd Reprise)
B5 Charlie Brown Theme (2nd Reprise)
B6 Linus & Lucy (Alternate Take 1)
B7 Graveyard Theme (Alternate Take 1)
B8 Charlie Brown Theme (Alternate Reprise Rake 1)
B9 Linus & Lucy (Alternate Take 2)
B10 The Great Pumpkin Waltz (Alternate Take 2)
B11 Linus & Lucy (Alternate Reprise Take 1)
B12 Charlie Brown Theme (Alternate Reprise Take 2)