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Voivod - Morgoth Tales LP (White Vinyl)


Limited white colored vinyl. Celebrating 40 eventful years of existence, Canada's progressive sci-fi metal innovators Voivod present their special Anniversary release "Morgöth Tales", which includes fresh studio (re-)recordings by the band's current line-up of 9 especially selected, not-so-obvious picks from the band's hyper-classy and extremely diverse back catalogue (between 1984 and 2003) as well as a brand-new song in the album's title-track, "Morgöth Tales".

1. Condemned to the Gallows (2023 Version)
2. Thrashing Rage (2023 Version)
3. Killing Technology (2023 Version)
4. MacRosolutions to Megaproblems (2023 Version)
5. Pre-Ignition (2023 Version)
6. Nuage Fractal (2023 Version)
7. Fix My Heart (2023 Version)
8. Rise (2023 Version, Feat. Eric Forrest)
9. Rebel Robot (2023 Version, Feat. Jason Newsted)
10. Morgöth Tales