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Warren G - Regulate ... G Funk Era 2LP (20th Anniversary Edition)

Def Jam

In celebration of Def Jam's 30th Anniversary : 20th anniversary double-vinyl version of Regulate...G Funk Era complete with a bonus 12” featuring remixes of "Regulate" by Destructo/Wax Motif and Photek.
Track Listing:
1.  Regulate (featuring Nate Dogg)
2.  Do You See
3.  Gangsta Sermon (featuring B-Tip and Ricky Harris)
4.  Recognize (featuring The Twinz)
5.  Super Soul Sis (featuring Jah Skills)
6.  94 Ho Draft (featuring B-Tip and Ricky Harris)
7.  So Many Ways (featuring Wayniac and Lady Levi)
8.  This D.J. (featuring O.G.L.B.)
9.  This is the Shack (featuring The Dove Shack)
10. What’s Next (featuring Mr. Malik)
11. And Ya Don’t Stop
12. Runnin’ wit No Breaks (featuring Jah Skills, Bo Roc, G Child and The Twinz)
Bonus 12"
A1. Regulate (Destructo & Wax Motif Remix)
B1. Regulate (Photek Remix)