On The Run

OTR .160 Jumbo Paint Marker - Pocket Size


The OTR.160 is the mini-pocket version of the world's most popular graffiti marker. Since 1998. It has proven itself millions of times, evidenced also by being the most counterfeited Graffiti tool ever. The original’s reliability and quality made in Germany are appreciated in more than 50 countries.


Until today, the OTR.160 is made unique by the precise processing and continuous improvement of its components, which are developed to the highest industrial standards.


A finely adjustable valve in combination with the high-quality felt (Made in Japan), allows for a precisely controlled paint flow. The transparent and refillable paint container shows the exact color shade and filling level. Schock-resitant and with a securely closing cap—these are the basic elements for many of our classics, from the OTR.070 Hard to Buff to the OTR.184 FLOWPEN.


All 24 shades of super permanent paint are high glossy and have an extremly high opacity.


The OTR.160 PAINT MARKER is suitable for writing and painting on almost all materials such as glass, plastic, canvas, metal and wood. The marker prefers smooth and clean surfaces, but thanks to its replaceable tip it is also used by street artists for special effects and outlines in their murals.


Shake passionately before use until the mixing balls are clearly audible. Pump the tip until it is filled with paint – repeat when whenever necessary to keep up the paint flow.

Pump Action Marker with Flow Control Valve

mini-pocket version

. Tip: 15 mm Broad
. Content: Alcohol-based Paint
. Colors: Available in 24 colors -
  12 regular colors, 5 neon
  colors, 7 chrome colors
  Black, white, blazing red, orange,
  yellow, royal blue, baby blue,
  grass green, light green, pink,
  violet, grey, NEON orange,
  NEON yellow, NEON green,
  NEON pink, NEON violet, chrome
  silver, chrome gold,  copper,
  chrome red, chrome blue,
  chrome green, chrome violet. 
. Also available as empty marker.


. super permanent

. high glossy

. highly opaque thick coating

. weatherproof

. for all purposes

. xylene-free

. refillable

. replaceable tip

  (15 mm Broad Tip

  or 20 mm T-wide)